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The Ultimate Guide To Australian Visitor Visa Application

Generally speaking, the Australian tourist visa caters to individuals who will be staying in the country for a limited time. This is also true for entrepreneurs who will be conducting short business trips in the region. Similarly, retirees and medical patients are also covered by this visa.

Australian visa holders are permitted to remain in the country for 3 to 12 months, depending on the purpose of their visit. There are also instances where an extension is granted.

Visa applications can be done online through Australia’s ETA or Electronic Travel Authority. But since the Philippines is not ETA-eligible, Filipinos need to perform manual application.

Australian tourist visa general requirements
  1. Form 48R
  2. Form 1229 – This is a consent form for children travelling to Australia without their parent or guardian. Additional requirements such as birth certificates and other documents that will prove the relationship to the child’s family should be presented
  3. Form 1229 – This is also a consent form and covers children below 18 who will be studying or staying in Australia without their parent or guardian
  4. Personal documents
    1. Valid passport. Passport pages that contain the applicant’s personal details should be photocopied and submitted
    2. Copies of birth certificates
    3. Two (2) passport photos taken within the last six (6) months. Write your name at the back of each photo
    4. Health and character requirements
      1. To comply with the character requirement, file for an NBI clearance
      2. To comply with the health requirement, you need to go through a chest x-ray and medical examinations. These tests should be only performed by hospitals that are accredited by the Australian embassy in the Philippines.
  5. Financial documents such as bank statements, taxation records etc. Bank certificates should be presented as well. Aside from the copy, show the original document too
  6. Supporting documents

Supporting documents
  1. Manager’s cheque payable to the Australian embassy
  2. For business owners, provide copies and show the original version of these documents
    1. Business registration certificate
    2. Recent bank statements or bank accounts
    3. Bank certificate
  3. Proofs of enrollment or university admission if you are a student
  4. Invitation letter from your relative if the trip is sponsored by a family member
  5. Medical examination receipt for applicants aged 70 and above

Application guidelines
  1. Gather all the documents
  2. Complete the application form
  3. Take the medical exam
  4. Pay the application fee
  5. Submit the supporting documents and the application form. Contact the Australian Embassy’s Call Center so the courier can pick-up the forms. You may call them at these hotlines:
    1. 1909-3622779 (PLDT/Digitel)
    2. 1900-3622779 (Globelines)
    3. 1903-3622779 (BayanTel)

    The application can be also lodged at Visa Information and Application (VIA) centers. But remember that these institutions do not entertain mail applications. Mail applications are also discouraged if you are submitting personal documents

  6. Wait for the approval.

Other reminders

If the processing takes more than a week, the Australian Embassy will inform you immediately. Applicants with complete records and certificates have higher chances of approval. In case of denials, all original documents will be returned to the applicant. Along with this is an explanation of why the application was disapproved.

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