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Business in the Philippines

Starting a Business in the Philippines is as easy as learning the alphabet. An investor simply needs to be familiar with the types of business organizations and the registration processes. After registration, day-to-day operations of the business can be easily managed through valuable legal assistance in Labor Laws, Corporate Taxation, Investments, Expansion, and similar areas.


Travelling is both a luxury and a necessity. With the sudden and unpredicted changes of immigration laws, the benefits of having a rich and updated source of information cannot be disregarded. Learn the necessary requirements of US Visa, UK Visa, Australian Visa, Schengen Visa, Philippine Visa applications. Become familiar with immigration processes in a simple click.

Family Law

The delicate nature of this practice area requires from a lawyer competence and compassion. Expect nothing less but the highest degree of confidentiality when we give you advise on family-related issues and domestic relations. Allow us to help you with your queries on prenuptial agreement, annulment, divorce, adoption, child custody, spousal support and presumptive death.


Litigation involves the whole gamut of activities related to the prosecution and defense of cases like Criminal Cases, Commercial Cases, and Labor Cases before the various courts, administrative and quasi-judicial bodies. Lawyers, law firms and other legal departments are experts in handling cases which includes interviewing witnesses, document review, and case preparation.

Philippine Property

Receiving expert advise is a must when making a Philippine property purchase. Local laws relating to property must be made known to the prospective investor so he can make informed decisions, while targeted solutions must be made available to one encountering difficulties in this field. Let us help you with your concerns on issues like transfer of title, contract review, recovery of property and pertinent property laws in the Philippines.

Legal Concerns

Legal services include Intellectual Property Applications, Birth Registration, Settlement of Estates, Authentication of Documents and similar matters that do not often require full-blown trials for its resolution. Submission of the correct documents ensures fast completion of the service; thus legal assistance in document preparation is encouraged.